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From: B Garcia <brandiann…>
Date: October 19, 2016 at 9:20:36 AM HST
Subject:Tiari Garcia
In 2009 my daughter Tiari Garcia was hospitalized in I.C.U. and in isolation for quite awhile. She had an unknown seemingly flesh eating bacteria. The sewage plant in our area was being flushed out and pumped while we were out. There was a lot of pressure on the sewage lines so when we got home all of our drains and toilets were blown up on in home and driveway. My daughter Tiari went immediately to play in the drive way while we cleaned our house. She fell and scraped her knee and became deathly sick by the next night. Since 2009 she has been suffering with unexplainable migraines, colds, low white blood cell counts and an immune system that has just been deteriorated. Her skin ashy and anemia suddenly filled under her eyes as well as constant throwing up and no food could be held in her. She has been through antibiotic after antibiotics and has tolerated her pains and illness with no permanent solution. She practically lived off of tylenol, advil, alot of sleep, and antibiotics. Tiari started taking CBD oil 3 Times a day at 3-5 drops under her tongue. She held it there as long as she could. Within 1 day she began flushing out, by day 3 her throwing up went to a gag reflex once a day and by day 5 absolutely no throwing up or gagging. Her skin was now pale without the black under her eyes. A week went by and she was glowing with confidence. She has been on CBD for several of weeks, now takes a full dropper 3 x’s a day. Tiari hasn’t had any headaches, absolutely no throwing up, beautiful skin and more energy to play sports without ailments. We will be starting our second round of CBD. The crankiness of fighting through her ailments everyday has left her and she is once again a smiling and happy child. Thank you so much Makena for helping us get our daughter back to herself.

– Brandi Garcia, October 19, 2016












This is Haley also known as Haley’s Hope. You may recognize her from social media advocating cannabis as medicine.

Left: 0 days on Global CBD THCA Oil       

Right: 20 days later on Global CBD THCA







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